Alexis Rouvre in Copenhagen

Written by  KIT 11. 08. 2014 Blog


WHEN 17, 18 & 19 Aug. 20 hrs.
WHERE Københavns Musikteater | show map
TICKET 135 kr / youth 75 kr


It's like Alexis Rouvre is infatuated with rope, wire and string. Navigated by this intoxicating infatuation, he enthusiastically juggles and manipulates his ropes so they all of a sudden turn into a ball, a snake, a girlfriend or a complex web with himself in the centre. But is he the spider or the fly?

His enigmatic and lonely universe balances between enchanting daydream and smoldering nightmare. He dazzles us with his vast ingenuity and short poetic narratives, where ropes are letters and knots are words. Like a mad scientist trapped in the laboratory he goes on and on in his quest for new opportunities and associations, right until the web entraps him and he realises that perhaps, or perhaps not, there's more to life than tying knots.

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