Oktobre in Copenhagen

Written by  KIT 18. 08. 2014 Blog

OKTOBRE (France)

WHEN 25, 26, 27 Aug. 21 hrs.
WHERE Dansehallerne | show map
TICKET 165 kr / youth 85 kr 


A diabolical trapezist, a beastly acrobat and a neurotic magician are Europe's shooting stars in new magic, where reality hides behind a veil of bluff and deception. With David Lynch-like mystery and nightmare logics, all rules are suspended when Oktobre's enigmatic characters flirt with death, madness and with the audience at the barmiest tea party since Alice visited Wonderland.

Yann Frisch, the world champion of magic, makes people and objects vanish just as suddenly as they appear. The black-clad Madonna watches everyone with her intense gaze and like a madwoman she swings herself in the trapeze. With an acrobat's contempt of normality, the page boy twists his body until it's dislocated. The humour is just as pitch-black as the magic, the madness slides out of control, and in the end there isn't much you can do other than letting yourself succumb to being confused and bewitched.

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