Sisters is a circus company founded in 2010 in Sweden. The trio met on the double Chinese poles. They are three guys from three different nationalities, completely different shapes, bodies and minds, but with the same wish: to move together as one body. Sisters get inspired by different dance styles like street dance and contemporary, acrobatic moves and physical theater, which they use to fight gravity in unusual ways. Beside the double Chinese pole, they practice several other disciplines: cyr wheel, slack rope, German wheel and dance acrobatics.

The concept of Clockwork comes from Sisters’ obsession with perfecting the timing between their bodies. They need to depend on each other both physically and mentally when working, the same way a clock needs all its cogwheels to function. ”We are working on creating a universe where the human body can be lots of other things than just a human body. It is a complex dance between legs, arms, torsos and heads that creates the metamorphosis of going from three individuals to one being. Physical contact, human juggling and illusions are tools for us to surprise our audience and make them change their vision of the human body”.

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