OKTOBRE / Cie Oktobre

Four characters: a black table... and the other three.

They come from nowhere in particular, and aim to go nowhere in particular... They are just here...

Immersed in a world both dark and absurd where all time rules are broken, the events they have to live are right here...

Yann, Eva and Jonathan develop a violent world featuring black as the default color.

Along with an irresistible black humor, fear, melancholy and excess are everywhere.

Softness - and pain - are also present.

The clumsiness reflects their difficulty to adjust to reality, while the magic demonstrates their availability to any potential.

Twisted existences and individual moods are drawn by a high-level circus technique

The omnipresent surrealism worries and intrigues.



A very aesthetic universe in its simplicity, a table surrounded by three chairs. Simple in its colors - red and black, and simple in its logic - events unfold, no questions asked.

It can be seen as a circus show with outrageous characters in a world of dark fantasy or as a sharp look at human behavior.

In any case, it releases an emotional charge prone to both touch and unsettle the audience.

The work unfolds as a series of solo, duet, and trio vignettes, designing a universe from which the notions of time and logic are absent, featuring characters as hard as they are soft, and as deeply innocent as they are profoundly guilty.

Here in Oktober, the end justifies the means.

All becomes increasingly uncontrollable; there are no rules in this game...




 Eva - She offers a different way to present the art of trapeze, using extreme physical and psychological situations. A trapeze virtuoso and with a unique technique, she manages to create a tension that holds the entire audience spellbound. She displays a vast play range, where hardness works alongside hysteria and grace.


Jonathan - A tortured acrobat, there is an unusual physicality about him - with an incredible intensity and animalism - allowing him to express his battered relationship to the world.


Yann - Fascinated by magic and clowns, he became a virtuoso manipulator of objects. He won the French and European magic championship in 2010 and was sacred world champion in 2012. He sees himself as an object worker. He always considers different ways of understanding an object. Interested in the burlesque scene, he also acquired a mastery of body movements, which he often uses in his work. He sees tragedy as one of the best way to generate laughter.


Florent – He is a choreographer, director and object manipulator. He is captivated by body movements and what they entail. He travels the world in order to share his knowledge. He can give an acrobatics course, teach you choreography, make you scream, play a Rachmaninov tune on the piano and speak several languages in order to understand the menu at the restaurant when he goes abroad. He loves pain and laughter, hence circus. He favors shows that are expressive rather than demonstrative, although he appreciates their beauty and obviousness… like a feel-good circus.


Un univers surréaliste sans foi ni loi.


Des sensations de vitesse, de douleur, de risque et de manipulation…

Bienvenue dans une autre dimension, bienvenue dans le monde d’Oktobre.


Sous forme de tableaux, en solo, en duo ou en trio, 4 personnages extrêmement durs, tendres et profondément coupables dessinent un univers sombre, sans notion de temps, sans chronologie… Avec le désir, les corps se transforment, les gueules se déforment, les voix changent et tout devient incontrôlable sur ce plateau sans règles du jeu.


Un spectacle de cirque de haut niveau, avec des personnages extravagants, dans un monde de fantaisie noire où la magie nous fait palper une charge émotive capable autant de toucher que de déstabiliser le spectateur. Obscurément magique.


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