“Acquiring aerial skills for new creation” @ Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels)

“Acquiring aerial skills for new creation” @ Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels)

From September 9th to 14th 2013

The workshop will revolve around Les Halles’ Grande Halle (main hall) and a variety of tools (such as trapeze, elastics, harness, aerial platform, climbing rope, trapeze nets). We offer you an experiment that will allow you to expand your zone of creating comfort. You’ll get the chance to work with assets you may not be familiar with (harness for a juggler, aerial platform for hand to hand artist, etc.), at surprising heights and in impossible positions too, and all of that depending on your desire and needs for you future productions.

-          large flying trapeze net at 6 or 7 meters high

-          1 or 2 mobile platforms will be suspended (which can use by jugglers and acrobats for example)

-          Multi elastic system (with artists evolving in the space as yo-yo’s)

-          And everywhere: aerial silks, trapezes, climbing ropes, etc.

The workshop will help you to improve your self-confidence toward heights and movements fluidity.

You’ll learn how to use climbing rope and security skills to explore safely artistic creation far above the ground.

On the last workshop day (9/14), there will be a public presentation.

Teacher: Fill Deblock (be)

Fill Deblock has been an aerial artist since 1983. He mainly works with trapeze, acrobatic climbing rope and bunjees. He has improved aerial acrobatics, working on galas and Europan events, in Paris, Montréal, Las Vegas.

He created “L’atelier du Trapèze” in Belgium, a school for aerial acrobatics and trapeze. Stellted in Ardèche (fr) since 2008, he trains artists to sue the following technics: flying trapèze, aerial cradle and corean plank, swinging trapèze, acrobatic rope and silks.

Creating many aerial acrobatics act, he had the chance to raise many celebrities in the air, such as Marie Gillain, Bénabar, Oprah Winfrey or Céline Dion.

Chloé Moglia / Cie Rhizikon

Chloé Mogliawill be present for 2 days during the workshop (to be confirmed)

Trained in trapeze and martial arts, Chloé Moglia works face to face with the void. This confrontation leads to changes in density, power and senses. Together, these elements form the core of her shows and performances. Together with Mélissa Von Vépy, she’s won the SCAD prize for circus. She collaborates with Kitsou Dubois on movements in weightless conditions; she has seated in many parabolic flights. In the framework of Rizhome, she’s created the solos Nimbus (2007), Rhizikon (2009), Opus corpus (2012), Le Vertige (2012).

List of participants:

Clémentine Lamouret, Fanny Austry, Fanny Roux, Alexis Rouvre, Célia Casagrande-Pouchet, Jonas Janku, Stéphanie N’Durihade, Klara Hajdinova, Saara Ahola, Lotta Paavilainen et Mette Møller Overgaard.

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