Københavns Internationale Teater

Københavns Internationale Teater is the primary force behind international performing arts in Denmark. Currently the focus is on contemporary circus and on urban art/performance with the Ny Cirkus Festival in even years and Metropolis Festival in odd years.

The organisation has produced more than 50 international festivals, workshops and seminars etc. presenting more than 1500 invited artists, ensembles and companies over the past 35 years.

Københavns Internationale Teater seeks to constantly break the established notions of art and performing arts by presenting completely new genres and trends within performing arts in the broadest sense. On the whole, we wish to create a unique variety of performing arts, which excites and inspires Danish audience and professional arts communities alike.

Artistic direction: Katrien Verwilt & Trevor Davies

Circa Pole National des Arts du Cirque

Based in the heart of the rural department of Gers, the city of Auch with its 24,000 inhabitants, hosts and is at the source of CIRCa - National Centre for Circus Arts - (formerly known as Circuits), the cultural and artistic activities and programs of which, are a driving force in the field of performing arts and are internationally recognized in the field of Circus Arts.

CIRC, Allée des Arts (Avenue de l'Yser)
32000 Auch


CIRQUEON is an umbrella organization for the support and development of contemporary circus in the Czech Republic. Cirqueon is a member of the international Circostrada Network.

Les Halles de Schaerbeek

Les Halles showcase their independence right in the heart of Brussels, the European capital, in a metal and glass structure dating back to 1901, which has been saved from destruction and wonderfully renovated. Its space is unrivalled and perfectly suited for celebrations, extraordinary projects, as well as both artistic and human adventures. Ever since their beginnings, Les Halles have captured and crystallised movements stemming right from the edges of art and society, in an unprecedented alliance of both learned and popular culture.

It is an ideal space to create new performative formats, going beyond the classic partition between creators and spectators. Unconcerned with the barriers separating disciplines, willing to shake up the norms, Les Halles resonate with a desire for participation and involvment, be it individually or collectively, thus characterising the digital age.

« Les arts du cirque sont des arts populaires qui ont vécu ces trente dernières années un renouveau exceptionnel. Elles n’étaient pas nombreuses les structures culturelles, à prendre le risque il y a plusieurs années, d’accompagner ce nouvel  élan, de proposer au public de découvrir ces formes et esthétiques parfois déroutantes, souvent réjouissantes par leur caractère innovant. Populaire et exigeant, le projet des Halles a soutenu cette démarche et apparaît aujourd’hui en Belgique comme un des pionniers historiques de l’accompagnement de ces arts aujourd’hui reconnus. Le cirque contemporain n’a pas fini d’innover. Les Halles n’ont donc pas fini de nous surprendre ! »

Marc Fouilland, CIRCa Auch

Rue Royale Ste Marie 22a
1030 Schaerbeek

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