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Based in the heart of the rural department of Gers, the city of Auch with its 24,000 inhabitants, hosts and is at the source of CIRCa - National Centre for Circus Arts - (formerly known as Circuits), the cultural and artistic activities and programs of which, are a driving force in the field of performing arts and are internationally recognized in the field of Circus Arts.

CIRC, Allée des Arts (Avenue de l'Yser)
32000 Auch

CIRCa is one out of twelve national centers for circus arts in France. Located in the rural department Gers in the city of Auch, CIRCa has its headquarters on a former military site that has been rehabilitated: The so called CIRC, center for research and innovation in circus art is characterized by its permanent big top, the Dôme de Gascogne (inaugurated in 2012). It enables artists to create or rehearse performances, research new techniques or try out circus equipment; to find a space in which they can have their circus tents installed for the duration of their stay.

For more than 25 years CIRCa, internationally recognized festival for contemporary circus brings together professional artists, circus schools and international curators and serves as a major point of reference for the European contemporary circus scene. Since 2007 CIRCa equally co-organizes the festival Midi-Pyrénées fait son cirque en Avignon.

CIRCa supports artistic creation in several ways: The artist in residence project allows circus companies to rehears shows, research innovative techniques and create new works. The state of the art circus center is able to host indoor as well as big top productions. Furthermore CIRCa offers financial support and coaching in the field of production and promotion.

One of CIRCa´s missions is artistic education. Therefore CIRCa has partnerships with schools, organizes visits and promotes circus throughout the department Gers with projects such as Les Nomades de CIRCa, which gives access to circus to different populations and places an emphasis on the cooperation with local organizations.

Being also active on an international level CIRCa is a partner in several European projects, such as Unpack the Arts, a residence program for cultural journalists and art critics that promotes the development of a critical discourse around contemporary circus, or [Circus] Work Ahead!

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